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Crank up the heat with our awesome indoor heating services and say goodbye Houston's chilly winters.

Home Ventilation

Is your home being properly ventilated? Our whole home ventilators can make that happen!

Air Conditioning

AC problems? No sweat! Beat the hot Houston heat with our affordable AC repair solutions.

System Installation

Are you installing new HVAC equipment? Save tons when you choose PMCS!

Indoor Air Quality

Is cleaner and healthier air a concern in your home? Check out our indoor air quality improvements.


At PMCS we prioritize proper air flow and air distribution.

Humidity Control

Just because Houston's muggy outside, doesn't mean it has to be that way inside your home.

Ductless HVAC

Do you have a ductless home improvement project you need help with? No problem!

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats bring a whole new level of control and functionality to any HVAC system.


Our fast and affordable residential HVAC service just can't be beat!


Yeah, we can fix that too! Our commercial service knows no bounds!


At PMCS, repairing your HVAC equipment is always an option.


From one time tune-ups, to planned and seasonal service agreements, we provide the preventative actions you and your HVAC equipment deserve.

24 Hour Service

We provide around the clock service that never sleeps, so you can.

Emergency Service

Emergency AC problems? No sweat! We provide emergency service that never sleeps, so you can.

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